Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria


My name is Adebanke Victoria Adeyeye, and I was privileged to coordinate one of the health
expositions during the H.E.L.P Nigeria in August 2019. At one occasion we were invited by the Christ Apostolic Church, Praise Chapel at Ilara, Ile-Ife to use their premises as a venue.

It all started with the training of our H.E.L.P trainees who had different backgrounds in different fields. It was exciting to see their zeal to share their knowledge that they have learnt during their Lifestyle Intervention training at Adeleke High School, Ede.

We were all together about 40 volunteers, with 10 leaders to head the different stations. The stations were: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Air and Rest and Trust. We started at around 8am. We started with prayer, and then we divided into our different stations while people started to flock in. We offered BMI checks, Blood Pressure Checks, Blood Glucose, checked their heart rate after Harvard step test, lung capacity, and lastly offering relaxing massage therapy. At the end of each booth health counsel was given tailored to each person. We also had a Medical doctor and a Psychiatrist on ground who counseled the people as they came through. We took a break at 12pm to have a health talk on all the NEWSTART lifestyle principles by different presenters. We also had a practical presentation on the use of activated medicinal charcoal and how to make some poultices. We had over 100 people from the community come through the health exposition. We also had a booth where we sold natural remedies like activated medicinal charcoal, some herbs and some books.

Seeing the students use what they had just learnt and serving people was a joy. At the end of the day although we were all tired and exhausted; we were all happy!

Mojirola Saani, Age 90, an older woman whom we noticed as having a good blood pressure later testifies that she was happy to be part of this outreach and it was great to be re-enforced that the NEWSTART was what she has been practicing and she testified of the blessing of it.

Few days later we held another two health expos in two rural communities of Osun State - Tonkere and Italewa. In both of the cases almost the whole community flocked to the public areas for their health to be checked and to receive health education.

After the mission trip; we had students that coordinated health exposition in their own
churches and communities with amazing experience. It reminds me of this quotation in the book Ministry of healing, chapter 34. “…Every son and daughter of God is called to be a MISSIONARY; we are called to the Service of God and Our fellow men…”

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