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Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria

Health and Education Leadership Programme (H.E.L.P.) 2019 - Challenges Faced

Missing luggage on the flight. Phone damage. Challenges with logistics. Power outages. Internet problems. Coordinators hit by malaria. You name it! The H.E.L.P Nigeria left us rowing valiantly against ferocious tides.

Though our oars were broken, and the storms raged unabated, and we could not see the horizon, we kept our eyes on Jesus.

Facilitators from Hartland College, Elim Lands Nigeria, and Uchee PinesFacilitators from Hartland College, Elim Lands Nigeria, and Uchee Pines

By August 1, eleven of us facilitators for the H.E.L.P (Health and Education Leadership Program) Nigeria mission trip arrived safely at our venue—Adeleke University High School in Ede, Osun State, Southwestern Nigeria. We came from across the globe - from the Czech Republic, from the USA, Argentina, Hungary - to join the Elim Lands team in Nigeria for the 3-week effort.

We had a diverse group of participants: housewives, university students and staff, high school students and staff, lay medical missionaries, government employees, and entrepreneurs from different parts of Nigeria.

“I have always cherished my flesh diet and did not believe it was possible to live without it,” Deborah, the wife of a Pentecostal pastor, enthused with a huge smile. “The health classes and practical hands-on health tips were really instructive! The first few days of this program, I felt the food was awful. Not anymore! When I went home over the weekend, I made some green juices and plant-based food for my family.”

At the end of three weeks, the team completed an intensive lifestyle intervention training with 30 participants, one-on-one health coaching for sick clients, philosophy of successful education for local teachers, media workshops, child birth education training, and organic gardening classes for Adeleke University High School students. We finished with a health expo at Deborah’s church, where over 150 attendees flooded the venue as we ministered to their basic health needs.

Uchee Pines Institute partnered with us and our local coordinator for the mission trip—Elim Lands Nigeria Missionary Initiative—to award a certificate to each successful participant in the lifestyle intervention training.

“This information is priceless! We are going to take this back home and share with others the wonderful things we have learned here!” they exclaimed with joy.

Eventually God turned our efforts into a success! Truly, the mission trip has ended, but the memories and impact will last for many years to come—perhaps forever.

Lifestyle Intervention traineesLifestyle Intervention trainees

Some of the trainees and teachersSome of the trainees and teachers

Part of the team from USAPart of the team from USA

Opeyemi Fidimaye,
Hartland College student.