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Kogi Mission Update

Dear friends,

I write to give our brief mission report here in Uboji and Otondo villages. We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in all His promises. It has been the Lord all the way. May His name be praised! Amen.

We are in the seventh year in the country. Today, is not like about seven years ago when people would not accept us or move close to us. We now have about sixty children in our nursery and primary school. Both young and old in the villages are our friends. Amen. Like I mentioned to you before, poverty level is very high here. There is also no basic amenities; no water, no light, no good road, bike is the major means of transportation. Apart from medical missionary work, our major focus however, for now is to help some of the widows. We have seven of them at hand. Certain percentage of my income goes to them on quarterly basis.

I hereby, attached some pictures for your attention.

1. Shows the pictures of a young widow with me and her daughter, Sherifat. Mrs Haruna lost her husband 2013 shortly after she delivered a twin baby. The second child, a girl also has been taken away by a relation to help take care of her. She is now living in her father's compound in same village. Sherifat is now in our school.

2. Shows four of the six children in our school that have lost their fathers. From left to right: Juretu, Eliya, Kerimetu and Jemima.

3. Shows baba musa with musa his son and musa's children. Coming for evening prayers. They were the first set of people that accepted us when we first came. Even though, they are Muslims, they have been so close to us. We have given them treatment a number of times. They used to give us fruits before now that we too have in our garden.

Lastly, we thank you and all the donors for your sacrificial support. God will surely bless you all. For we know that it is not in vain we serve the Lord.

God bless.



Find attached pictures below: