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Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria

Kogi Mission, Primary School - Close of the 2015/2016 School Year

School calendar year closes this week. We now have a total number of 43 children in the school.

The break down as follows:

  • 27 children in prekindergarten/kindergarten.
  • 6 children in nursery 2
  • 7 children in primary 1
  • 3 children in primary 2.

Testimony: we have every reason to thank God for His wonderful wonders He has been performing here in our little school. When we first started we didn't want to accept children below age five. God changed the idea for us early this year when some parents started bringing children we considered under age to us. Some of them came from other villages around ours, one even came from very far village, all pleading with us to accept their children into our school. Two of the new students have to relocate to our village to make easy accessibility to the school. All claimed to have received good reports about our school. In God's grace non of them have been disappointed since their children started with us. It has been so easy to teach this little ones the way of the Lord. Though they are all Muslims, yet their parents gave us free hand to teach their children Bible lessons. All the children are  Christian songs and memorising many bible verses. Through the grace of God their minds are opening to what we are teaching them in a way that surprise even us.

Last year the Devil tried to make some trouble by using some people to report us to the ministry of education that we are running unapproved school. When the officials came, even though they came with the mind of closing down the school, God intervened. After their inspection, without spending any money only asked us to come to their office to collect a form that will make our existence known to the ministry. We only spent 2,000NGN to collect the form. Since then the officials have been so friendly with us. Praise God! Amen.

The three sponsored children; Kerimetu Usman, Jemilatu Audu and Juretu are doing well. Kerimetu, the best student academically is being promoted to primary 3 together with Jemilatu. Juretu will be going to primary 2.

We are in the location where it is not allowed to use Bible in public teaching. Over 98% of the people are Muslims and the rest catholics. Yet, God has opened the way for us through the school to catch the children young with the word of God. Amen.

Challenges: we lack enough staff. Most of the times we are just two teachers around. I and my wife. The people around us here cannot really work with us because of their religion. Only when our children are on vacation or some relatives or church members are around that we get support hand. The workload is much, but God is our help.

Space/Equipment; we need more space because the number of classes are increasing. We are converting the uncompleted structure for Sanitarium into class rooms. The building just roofed without finishings. Others like chairs and desks also needed.

Appreciation; we thank God for our sponsors that have been supporting us financially all this while. May the Lord continue to bless you. Amen. We pray your efforts shall not be in vain but will bountifully yield harvest unto the kingdom. Amen.

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Kindergartens wi...
Kindergartens wi...
Nursery 2
Primary 1
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Primary 2 with m...
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