Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria

Dr. O.P. Opreh (Health Director, Chairman of the Board)

Dr. Peter Opreh60-year-old, married with three adult children.

SDA convert since 1986 following perusal of the book The Great Controversy.

Family physician, passionate in Medical Missionary work and Lifestyle Medicine.

Been involved in church planting since 1987.

Joined church Health Work in 1996. During the recent five years actively involved in a growing village church company and set up of the Lifestyle Medicine Centre and the Medical Missionary Training programs of the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital Ile-Ife.

Vojtech Ligenza (Project Coordinator, Board Member)

Vojta Ligenza

I am 27 years old, come from Czech Republic, Seventh-day Adventist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Instructor, Youth counsellor, and Cross-cultural servant-hood teacher. I have two siblings. My mother and sister are also full time missionaries. I have coordinated several pioneering projects to train others in bringing health and hope to communities. But more than qualifications is my love for the people in Nigeria.

My Past Projects:

2011 – 2015
Setting up Lifestyle Center for Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria

2006 – 2009
co-directing project Kopna Projekt, Zlin, Czech Republic

David Ekundayo (Secretary of the Board)

David EkundayoMy name is David Babafemi Ekundayo, born into Adventist home in March 21, 1959. In Ipoti-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

After my secondary school in 1976, I went for architectural training in Ibadan. After my training as architectural technician, I worked in 2 different architect farms and an estate surveyor farm before coming to Lagos in 1987 to work in another architect firm in Lagos Island. Between 1991 and 2004. I worked with a bank and l left in 2004 as senior project supervisor, during these period, I went through a thorough training in the bank. I handled the design and construction of many of the bank branches.

After leaving bank work, I registered an estate developing company to design and build, between 2004 and 2010. We handled many projects both residential and commercial. I have worked on hospital, church and many residential buildings.

In year 2000, I was ordained as an elder in the church. I held different offices in the  church at local, district, and conference level. In 2005 I led an evangelism group within the church, moving from town to town to preach the gospel. Two times award winner- 1998-2004 as the best supporter of evangelism in my district by south-west Nigeria conference and centenary celebration 1914-2014 Pioneer Award by Lagos mainland conference in 2014.

After years of studying the Spirit of Prophecy, my family was convinced of the need to move to country-side for medical missionary work, which we have been doing since 2010 in a village in Kogi State of Nigeria till date. We have about 15 Muslim children being trained in our school. They learn English, Maths, and other subjects. We have the privilege to use the Scriptures for their education and in this way we endeavour to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Many of these children are orphans or they come from very poor families. We decided to depend fully on God in running our little ministry and we provide our education free of charge.

Dr. Leong Fam (Board Member)

Dr. Leong FamGeneral Surgeon, my nationality as Malaysian, and my age 57. I had served as medical missionary in several mission hospitals of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church since 1998; currently serving in Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

My vision is to see medical missionary work set up in many places in Nigeria and in all the countries, to train people to be ready and help others to be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Additionally you can visit this link to see the health work Dr. Fam has been assisting in Malaysia in his free time http://health.aenon.org.my/

Femi Falade (Board Member)

Femi FaladeMy name is Femi Falade a surveyor. I became a surveyor after a first science degree from the University of Ibadan in 1972. Part of my training was in Fredericton, Canada.

I am presently in private practice after having held top positions with the Federal Government of Nigeria and in the Osun State of Nigerian Institution of Surveying.

Since I came back to Ile Ife Nigeria in 1983, I have held various positions in the SDA church, serving on various committees, delivered various sermons, led out in various seminars and outreaches.

I am a member of a family of six. A wife and four adult children. The oldest, a female is a medical doctor, is married and lives in England. The second, an engineer is married and works with an oil company in Abuja, Nigeria. The third, a male lives with the wife in the US. He is an environmental health personnel. The fourth, also a graduate, from Babcock University, Nigeria does business in Lagos Nigeria as a spinster.

I have for several years past adopted a life-style that feeds on natural diet. Consequently, l am not on any regular drug even though I have a history of high blood pressure (now properly controlled )that runs in the family.

I am a keen follower of all life-style articles, discussions, seminars and programs wherever and whenever I learn about such.

Obasi Uchenna (Support Team Member)

Obasi UchennaMy name is OBASI UCHENNA. I am 30 years old. Born at Ufuovoke Mgbom Ugwulangwu, in Oha-ozara local Government Area, Ebonyi State. I got my ordinary degree certificate in 2006. Went into business in 2007, for 4 years.

I received training on medical missionary work at Seventh day Adventist Hospital, Lagere, Ile-Ife, Osun state Nigeria in 2011. Did my practicals in African Medical Missionary Institute[AMMI] Nigeria and my extended practicals in Bethesda International Medical Missionary Institute Kenya, for 3 months. There also, I received training on organic farming and on how to give Bible studies.

I worked as a therapist in the wellness centre of Riverside Farm Institute Zambia, for 3 months as a missionary volunteer in 2013. Here, I also got further training on organic farming.

I worked for 4 years in Seventh day Adventist hospital / lifestyle medicine centre as a therapist, Farm manager and Bible Instructor.

Presently, I am in Sola Scriptura in Hungary as a Theology student.

I believe that medical missionary work is still the right arm of the gospel, and is still the only way through which the three Angels message or the present truth will be carried forward to every nations and tongues, even when every other doors will close.