Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria


Registration of the non-profit organization

Secretary: David Femi Ekundayo, Nigeria 
Other members: Dr. S.L.Fam, Malaysia,
Elder Femi Falade,
Nigeria, Dr. Opreh, Nigeria
Time frame: March - May, 2015
Financial needs: 1,400 USD (end of April, 2015)

Elim Lands – purchasing land in Oogi, Osun State, 4 acres of land

Coordinated by: Vojta Ligenza, Czech Republic
Surveyor: Elder Femi Falade, Nigeria
Time frame: May – July, 2015
Financial needs: 1,600 USD (end of April, 2015) + 10,600 USD (May, 2015)

Elim Lands – setting up a base in Oogi, Osun State

Architect in charged: David Femi Ekundayo, Nigeria
Construction Coordinator: Vojta Ligenza, Czech Republic
Construction time frame: February, 2016 – December, 2016
Time Frame for Fund raising: May, 2015 – January, 2016
Financial needs: 142,250 USD (latest till January, 2016)

Elim Lands, Oogi, Osun State - Operational outline

Health Care director: Dr. Opreh, Nigeria
Training director: Vojta Ligenza, Czech Republic
Evangelism director: vacant
Training commencement: September – Nov, 2016 (autumn term) – Bible courses
Dec – Feb, 2016/2017 (winter term) – Health courses
Mar – May, 2017 (spring term) – Practicum
June – Aug, 2017 (summer term) – Practicum
Field practicum – 6 months (off campus)
Opening of sanitarium: January, 2017
Other Programs: Nigerian Gospel Medical Missionary Conference – December 2016


Elim Lands – Obtaining 200 acres of land

In the year 2020 we want to obtain 200 acres of land in order to start broadening our training program and our agriculture program.

Opening of Elementary School – September 2025

We would love to open Elementary school (and later also High school) to prepare our children and youth for giving the loud cry. Making available an educational program which is based on the principles of True Education is essential for the accomplishment of this goal. We are training our very young children to be involved in the work of soul-saving.