Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria


ElimLANDS Logo SmallElim Lands je komplexní školící misijní středisko, které se nachází v srdci státu Osun v Nigerii. Trénink studentů je postaven na principech zdravotně misijního programu New Start a zahrnuje vzdělávání v oblastech zdraví, evangelizace v terénu, zemědělství, výroby oděvů, stavebnictví a produkce zdravých potravin.


  1. Spread the Advent Message of Christ’s soon coming through the Gospel Medical Missionary work.
  2. To elevate the people of Africa physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  3. To encourage productiveness, education, morals, and positive community leadership in society.
  4. To support, encourage, and strengthen young people and families in their faith.
  5. Through the work of our trainees establish and maintain several health education centres that provide consultation and advice regarding all kinds of social problems.

Dosažené cíle

  1. Gospel Medical Missionary Training of the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital Ile-Ife, operated for three years 2011-2013. Three sets of students graduated (in total 20 students).
  2. Lifestyle Medicine Center of the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital Ile-Ife, set up in 2011 and still successfully running till today, operated by the alumni of our Medical Missionary Training. Constantly having on admission about 5 to 10 patients and daily treating many outpatients with different chronic diseases.

Jak postupovat směrem k naplnění našeho cíle

  • Continuing to support our SDA Hospital Ile-Ife as a city-post by training new workers and referring acutely ill or injured patients.
  • Moving the Sanitarium and Training School to the country side. Why? Following God’s plan for Adventist Health Work and True Education.
  • Training new medical missionaries who will go forward to the whole Africa assisting other ministries and setting up new health education centres.
  • Creating opportunities to plan, finance, and execute regular health evangelism “Health Expo” projects.

Co je třeba k rozběhnutí projektu?

In 2013 I and Uche started to look for a suitable property where we could continue to carry forward the medical missionary work and the work of true education. We have been travelling for kilometres on motorcycles but without any positive result. Through ministering in our local community I had secured a friendship of a very influential traditional leader Oba (King) Lufe (now he is late!!). He loved our work for the community and has taken us into several places to show give us land, but none of them was suitable.

One day, I suddenly received call to come to the palace, I was just travelling down from Ibadan to Ife and the bus got delayed, I arrived more than an hour late. But to my astonishment the king with all his chiefs were still waiting for me ready to take me out for a royal dinner to one of his friends. In about an hour, I found myself sitting at the table with another king Oloogi of Oogi about 25 kilometers away from Ife. To my surprise I was  given chance to present my project and request for a piece of land.

Since then we have stayed in good relationship also with Oloogi of Oogi. He being 97 years old and suffering last-stage chronic disease was a real miracle to us. He offered us very suitable land located in country side with an easy access to big cities like Ibadan, Osogbo and Ife. It is truly strategic place. We started to visit this old traditional leader regularly ministering to his community. He would come to our hospital once in while. One day God helped us to discover an acute condition which if not immediately attended to the old king might have died.

I would pray to God to open a way and grand us means to purchase the property we were offered to us. After more than 2 years of waiting, in October 2015, the Lord opened the way and we received several donations that enabled us to purchase the land. Thank God for keeping the old king alive up to now. We were able to legally secure the land and started to clear the bushes and dig holes for planting trees. By God's grace we are ready for the next steps:

Phase 2: Water system, Costs: 7,900 USD
Phase 3: Dormitories, Cost: 52,650 USD
Phase 4: Sanitarium, Costs: 63,200 USD
Phase 5: Classroom/Meeting hall, Cost: 18,500 USD


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