Elim Lands

Missionary training facility set in the heart of Osun state, Nigeria

ELIM LANDS, NIGERIA dále budujeme

Dear Friends,

Due to my expiring tourist visa, I need to return back to Europe next week. The work in Elim Lands has advanced and we praise God for all that has been accomplished in less than 3 months - all just with handfull of workers, limited means and without any machinery. Even the saw we use is solely a hand saw and the concreete is mixed with shovel on the ground.

The local king (Oba), Oloogi of Oogi, who sold us our land died just couple of days ago. He was a wonderfull friend and father. We tried to minister to him until the very end. It was truly providential, as we purchased the land just seven months before his death. Now it would probably be impossible.

Accomplished (starting from March 15, 2016):

  1. Part of the property deforested (250 USD spent*)
    2. Well, 31 feet deep, supplying drinking water completed. God has blessed us with strong water spring. (600 USD spent)
    3. Farm barn constructed. (1,000 USD spent*)
    4. Farm kitchen constructed. (250 USD spent*)
    5. Male dormitory - foundation completed, walls completed (3,500 USD spent*)
    6. Plantain farm with 100 plants - (300 USD spent)

* the amounts may not be final, as our accounting for these projects has not been finalized yet

Last week on Friday our funds got exhausted. I am appealing to you, if you are impressed, you may donate so that the first building (a dormitory) can be completed. We are missing 10,000 USD to complete the building. We are very thankfull to God and to all those who donated in the past. By doing so you wrote a piece of history of God's work here in Nigeria, West Africa.

John Amos,  Emmanuel Amos, and Emmanuel Adedire will continue the work of building and farming even in my absence. All three of them are young hard working people. Two of them were trained as Medical Missionaries in the past and they dedicated themselves to this work.

My visa issue should be resolved soon, and I should come back to Nigeria in September, 2016.

Next steps:

  1. Dormitory Roof, 3,000 USD
    2. Dormitory doors, windows 2,000 USD
    3. Dormitory - Electricity/plumbing instalations and plaster (inside, outside), 2,000 USD
    4. Floors, bathrooms, 1,500 USD
    5. Septic tank, 300 USD
    6. Sealing and beds, 1, 200 USD

People use to have the notion, that everything in Africa must be cheap, since people here are not so economically strong as those in the western countries. This is a very false notion. Just for a comparison -  a 50kg cement bag, which costs about 1,130 NGN (5.65 USD) in Europe, costs 1,600 NGN (8.0 USD) here in Nigeria. ... so no fun for us and the local people. Cement is used for everything: moulding blocks/bricks, concreete, plaster, mortar, floors, and here in Nigeria all about building is just about cement.

God's blessings,

Vojtech Ligenza
Elim Lands coordinator/director
Nigeria, West Africa

Dormitory Gests ...
Farm barn farm k...
Plantain bananas
Well finished am...
With Oloogi